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Before anything else, do not expect that the PlayStation Gold Headset is made of gold because it is not. Nor does it have any gold plating or even gold paint in it. Truthfully, you cannot find a single speck of gold with this particular PlayStation headset.

PlayStation Gold is actually mostly black styled with blue streak along the inner side of the headband. The headset is available for $99 and compatible with both PS3 and PS4. Hearing its name, it sounds like PlayStation Gold is one premium headset for serious gamers like you.

Of course, you cannot just buy a headset blindly, right? You have questions and you need those answered. Is PlayStation Gold Headset really worth your money? How much would PlayStation Gold Headset make your gaming experience better than before?


What is PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset?

The Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is a headset for PlayStation gamers designed to suit the Limited Edition Uncharted PlayStation 4 Bundle. Designed to deliver amazing audio clarity and depth, this headset elevates your gaming experience to an extreme level.

From the 7.1 virtual surround sound to the noise cancelling microphone, connecting with your team and friends is easy. Exclusively developed by PlayStation, this Gold Wireless Headset brings into life the alien worlds and jungles you explore in your favorite games.

The Perfect Headset for Hardcore Gamers

Experiencing and exploring the worlds inside your game becomes better with PS Gold Wireless Headset. You can hear loud and clear the big booms of your games with striking sound quality.

Not only is it great for listening to the sounds of your games, but even in chatting with your teammates and friends. You can listen and chat with them crystal clear through the headset’s internal noise cancelling mic.

Adaptable Audio and Exclusive Audio Modes

An extremely adaptable audio, you can connect seamlessly and wirelessly to your PS4, PS3, PS Vista, computer and other mobile devices. It is all thanks to your 3.5mm audio cable, letting you bring your sound with you wherever you go.

Besides the headset itself, it comes with a Headset Companion App to complement the great gaming experience it has to offer. Using the app, you can download exclusive custom audio modes designed to fine tune the audio quality in your favorite games.

Stylish Design and Comfortable Wear

With its simple, stylish design, the PS Gold Headset will look good on you every time you use it. Along with stylish design, you can slip into this comfortable headset and enjoy playing your games, wherever you go with stunning sound quality.

Good for Music and Highly Flexible

Although meant for games, the headset serves good, even for listening to music. These gold headphones have nice and broad stereo field that even though it is heavy with treble, the sound is still clear.

Along with comfort, style and stunning audio quality, PlayStation Gold Headset comes with great versatility that allows it to work on a wide range of devices. For a price of almost a hundred bucks, this exclusive PlayStation headset is not bad of a choice for a gamer like you.