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TCB Beauty Reviews

TCB Beauty Reviews

Beauty Reviews for Individuals Who Appreciate Women

It cannot be denied that individuals, especially women, are obsessed with beauty. Most of them have the desire to look good and feel good about themselves. Resorting to cosmetic products has been one of the leading options undertaken by most women to improve their appearance and look even more stunning and beautiful.

Since the market is now bombarded with countless brands of beauty and cosmetic products, it becomes quite confusing and challenging to choose which best product will work perfectly for you. In such case TCB Beauty Reviews can be of great help in terms of providing you with essential information that can help you decide on which best cosmetic products to take.

TCB Beauty Reviews-Get Yourself More Familiar with TCB Beauty Products

With such reviews, individuals become more familiar with a wide range of beauty products which include but not limited to the following:

  • Skin  Care

The best skincare products are reviewed on this site and these reviews usually tackle the features of every skin care products and their excellent functions in terms of knocking out signs of aging, protecting the skin from the sun, preventing aged-looking complexions, getting rid of discolored skin patches, wrinkles and fine lines that make you look old. The reviews usually focus on skin care products for acne, skin lightening, scar removal, dark circle reduction, wrinkle reduction and more.

  • Hair Care

TCB beauty reviews also include reviews of hair care products such as hair removal products including gels and creams, Epilators, hair growth vitamins and more. If you are looking for an effective and reliable option to resolve your hair problems, you can refer on these reviews to help you decide on what hair care product to choose. There are reviews on a wide range of hair removal and hair loss products that can help you come up with the most informed buying decision. You may also want to check essential information about the bestselling hair care products featured by True Cosmetic Beauty, items available on sale and many other relevant information made available for you.

  • Body Care

If you find it hard to choose the best body care product to support your beauty goals, checking on TCB beauty reviews is a smart move.  Under this category, you can find reviews on painless body hair removal. Nothing really beats the comfort and smooth feeling of having hairless legs. This gives you the confidence to wear what you really like to wear and show off your best asset. There are actually many ways on how to get rid of unwanted hair in the body, such as the known traditional shaving method. However, there is a more modern way which is known as painless body hair removal. True Cosmetic Beauty provides reviews and options to choose from if you wish to shop for body care and other related products and procedures.

TCB Beauty Reviews are such a great help for shoppers. These reviews provide honest information which can be the basis of comparison and assessment of shoppers. In such ways, they will be able to make successful and practical purchases.

PlayStation Gold Headset – Is it Worth the Money?

PlayStation Gold Headset – Is it Worth the Money?

Before anything else, do not expect that the PlayStation Gold Headset is made of gold because it is not. Nor does it have any gold plating or even gold paint in it. Truthfully, you cannot find a single speck of gold with this particular PlayStation headset.

PlayStation Gold is actually mostly black styled with blue streak along the inner side of the headband. The headset is available for $99 and compatible with both PS3 and PS4. Hearing its name, it sounds like PlayStation Gold is one premium headset for serious gamers like you.

Of course, you cannot just buy a headset blindly, right? You have questions and you need those answered. Is PlayStation Gold Headset really worth your money? How much would PlayStation Gold Headset make your gaming experience better than before?


What is PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset?

The Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is a headset for PlayStation gamers designed to suit the Limited Edition Uncharted PlayStation 4 Bundle. Designed to deliver amazing audio clarity and depth, this headset elevates your gaming experience to an extreme level.

From the 7.1 virtual surround sound to the noise cancelling microphone, connecting with your team and friends is easy. Exclusively developed by PlayStation, this Gold Wireless Headset brings into life the alien worlds and jungles you explore in your favorite games.

The Perfect Headset for Hardcore Gamers

Experiencing and exploring the worlds inside your game becomes better with PS Gold Wireless Headset. You can hear loud and clear the big booms of your games with striking sound quality.

Not only is it great for listening to the sounds of your games, but even in chatting with your teammates and friends. You can listen and chat with them crystal clear through the headset’s internal noise cancelling mic.

Adaptable Audio and Exclusive Audio Modes

An extremely adaptable audio, you can connect seamlessly and wirelessly to your PS4, PS3, PS Vista, computer and other mobile devices. It is all thanks to your 3.5mm audio cable, letting you bring your sound with you wherever you go.

Besides the headset itself, it comes with a Headset Companion App to complement the great gaming experience it has to offer. Using the app, you can download exclusive custom audio modes designed to fine tune the audio quality in your favorite games.

Stylish Design and Comfortable Wear

With its simple, stylish design, the PS Gold Headset will look good on you every time you use it. Along with stylish design, you can slip into this comfortable headset and enjoy playing your games, wherever you go with stunning sound quality.

Good for Music and Highly Flexible

Although meant for games, the headset serves good, even for listening to music. These gold headphones have nice and broad stereo field that even though it is heavy with treble, the sound is still clear.

Along with comfort, style and stunning audio quality, PlayStation Gold Headset comes with great versatility that allows it to work on a wide range of devices. For a price of almost a hundred bucks, this exclusive PlayStation headset is not bad of a choice for a gamer like you.

Summer Camp by Numbers; Tuck Shop numbers, that is!

Summer Camp by Numbers; Tuck Shop numbers, that is!

As the school year is quickly coming to an end, I am getting my three children ready for camp.  I never went to camp as a youngster but they’ve each been going since they were each 8 years old.  You can hear about my personal experience with ENST (empty-nest syndrome training) and more fun with Summer Camp Math, but what do I really know about their camp experience?

I don’t actually know a thing about my kids’ camp experiences beyond what I’ve gleaned from their Tuck Shop accounts.

The term ‘tuck shop’ originated in Britain, used in many Commonwealth countries, generally means a store that sells candy and sweets. It has taken a broader meaning at camps in Canada selling emergency sundry items, but still the primary vendor of candy at camp. As a result, the camp tuck shop is the mirage in the desert, the oasis of the seas; kind of like my Friday happy hour, I imagine. With my fee remittance, I am asked to include a sum to credit to their individual tuck accounts.

The camp my two boys attend annually charges me $70 each for their camp tuck shop account. They are charged $1 for each piece of ‘tuck’ (candy) and are only allowed 3 pieces a week.  It also carries emergency toiletry items like soap, toothpaste and deodorant, though I have no idea what these toiletry items cost since neither have ever touched the ones I pack and therefore has never has no need to ever purchase them. They also sell postage stamps.


Anyway, absent the cost of personal hygiene and letters home, the accounting is pretty easy:  At the end of 4 weeks I am refunded $58 ($70- ($3X4)) each.  I understand that “tuck” candy has become a heavily traded currency given its scarcity. I casually hear statements like, “I’ll give you two pieces of ‘tuck’ if your Mom’s brownies” and “trade you my three ‘tucks’ for your new bottle of Deep Woods Off” are covertly whispered during Visitor’s Day.  I can only imagine the tuck debt that is accumulated over flashlight poker games. I pray my boys’ have the discipline to trade their ‘tuck’ responsibly and in moderation only.

Compare this to my daughter’s camp that charges me $375 for her tuck account.  Clearly her camp tuck shop is a mini-Neiman Marcus with pine shelves. I was pretty curious what would necessitate a 500% difference in tuck shop credit, as I am sure anyone would.  Obviously, the purchases of camper note pads, waterproof notebooks, pens, stuffed animals, carves, toques, towels, song books, lip balm, necklaces, hoodies, charm bracelets, charms, sunglasses and flashlights really adds up.  Yes indeed, it really adds up. On the other hand, she avails herself of the laundry service and I am able to bail out some of her clothes from death by incineration, unlike the clothes of her brothers.

The good news is that the camp fun does not end when the ‘tuck’ account is depleted, otherwise they would not return year after year.  I guess the most important lesson I’ve learned about my kids’ camp experience can be summarized as follows:  What happens at camp, stays at camp, and parents are gone but not forgotten – because they pay the Tuck Shop bills.